St. Louis: Waaw Residency & Exhibition

During his residency at Waaw Artists Residence in St. Louis, Yelimane Fall conducted calligraphy workshops with artists from around the world and held an exhibition of his most recent works (Poot Mi – le linge : the social wisdom of Cheikh Amadou Bamba) at Galerie Ethipiques.  The exhibition and residency were a great success, well received by both visitors and residents of St. Louis! Thank you to Jarmo, Staffan, Abdu Aziz to all for their support and hard work to make the residency possible.
From exhibition:
L’artiste-calligraphe Yélimane Fall est originaire de Saint-Louis. Peu connu au Sénégal, il a exposé plutôt aux États-Unis. Il a révolutionné le domaine de la calligraphie, imprégnant son travail de rythmes africains. La philosophie de Cheikh Amadou Bamba est au centre de son oeuvre, ainsi que le wolofal – le wolof ecrit avec un alphabète arabe. Soyez les bienvenus au vernissage mardi le 19 avril apd 18h !
The artist – calligrapher Yélimane Fall is a native of St. Louis. Little known in Senegal, he is a well know artist in the United States . He revolutionized the field of Arabic calligraphy, imbuing her work with African culture and rhythms . The philosophy of Cheikh Amadou Bamba is central to his work, and also the use of Wolofal – Wolof written with the Arabic alphabet . Welcome to the opening Tuesday, April 19 apd 18h ! 




(1) Série Póot mi. “Santé avant tout”. Paroles de Cheikh Amadou Bamba (versions wolofal, wolof, français), 50 x 75 cm, Pantex sur toile

(2) Série Póot mi.”Tout est dans la paix”. Paroles de Cheikh Amadou Bamba (versions wolofal, wolof, français), 50 x 75 cm, Pantex sur toile

(3) Série Les Valeurs. Hommage au 3ème Khalif Seydina Ousmane (RTA). Technique mixte sur toile, 40 x 60 cm