Bamba Mos Xam (Bamba, The Taste of Knowledge)

It is crucial to acknowledge and celebrate the role of culture in spreading ideas, preserving knowledge, and growing community.  This is precisely the work of the West African Calligraphy Institute and the artwork of Yelimane Fall. Yelimane draws on the deep cultural heritage of the Muriddiya to represent the khassaides of Serigne Touba, and Bamba’s vision of a society guided by a mystical and inward looking interpretation of Islam.  This wonderful video documentary, put together by Brian Valente-Quinn and Gino Canella out of the University of Colorado (Boulder), looks at how Mouridism has manifested in another cultural format – theatre. Take a moment to enjoy this important documentation of the 1970’s Senegalese theatre troop Bamba Mos Xam and their contemporary counterparts La Compagnie Sant Yalla, along with extensive commentary about Mourdism by intellectuals and artists, including our own Yelimane Fall.