Exhibition: Magal juli geej gi & magal ñaari raaka


The story of Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba is one of spiritual transcendence and resistance to French colonization. Although the French exiled him to Gabon and later Mauritania, attempted to assassinate him many times, and tried to force him to denigrate his religion, Bamba and the Sufi Brotherhood he founded persevered.


© Yelimane Fall

He proved that his sacrifice and loyalty to Allah alone would prevail him from colonial forces, and make his message of peace, work, education, and devotion known throughout Senegal, Africa, and the world. And so it was . . .


© Yelimane Fall

In 2017 & 2018 the West African Calligraphy Institute was (and will always be) proud to exhibit and share calligraphy at 2 of the most important Mouride pilgrimages commemorating Bamba’s alligence to The One and rejection of French violence and hostility: Magal Juli Geej Gi (when Bamba was not allowed to pray during his journey into exile and so he prayed on the ocean) and Magal Ñaari Raaka (when Bamba refused to acknowledge French colonial authorities and prayed 2 raakas to Allah rather than speak to a colonial tribunal).

Maybe this September we’ll see you there, inshallah!