Artistic Director: Fallou Fall

Fall is a graphic artist and calligrapher born and raised on the outskirts of Dakar, in the locales of Pikine and Guédiawaye. He was trained in the technique of West African calligraphy and in the mystical significance of the Arabic alphabet by his father, renowned international artist Yelimane Fall. Fallou Fall is part of the Mouridiyya and is learned in both the Holy Quran, and the teachings and khassaides (poetry) of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba. Fallou is a burgeoning artist in Senegal, taking on his father’s name le Messeger de la Foi. He continues to develop West African calligraphic style, creating large and medium sized multi-media artworks centered on Islam, the poetry of Bamba, and themes of social importance. Fallou is the Artistic Director of the West African Calligraphy Institute, continuing the work in Senegal in social activism and establishing the Institute. He is available for exhibitions, talks, and workshops on West African calligraphy.

Artwork by Fallou Fall available for sale here.