The Next Generation: Project Ndar


During his residency at Waaw in April 2016, the West African Calligraphy Institute initiated a very special project with two public schools in Ndar: Ecole Primere Clairwater and Lysee Andre Petavaen.  These two schools are significant because they are the same schools attended by Yelimane as a child, on his road to becoming an internationally renowned artist and speaker.

Our goal in working with these schools was twofold.  First we wanted to share Yelimane’s worldly experiences with the youth and impress upon them the power and potentials of art and design in their own lives, careers, communities, country, and around the globe. Secondly, we wanted to share Yelimane’s knowledge of calligraphy and sufism, which he gained after leaving Ndar (St. Louis), with the youth of his hometown. And of course to experience with them the joy of creation!


Our deep gratitude to the teachers and principals at the two schools, and our volunteers from Waaw Residence, Sarah Moncrieff and Abdu Aziz Diakate, and Steffan and Jarmo. Thanks for working with the youth and community of Ndar.