Archival records from Digital preservation of Wolof Ajami manuscripts of Senegal (EAP334)

From The British Library Endangered Archive Programme:

img-2The project team successfully digitized 5,494 pages, copying 29 manuscripts from 15 collections. The manuscripts primarily consist of Wolofal (Wolof Ajami) materials written by the members of the Muridiyya Sufi order founded in Senegal in 1883. The archival materials remain in the homes of the owners. Three copies were made and have been deposited at WARC (West African Research Center), the British Library and Boston University’s digital repository.

Read online the open access article: Murid Ajami sources of knowledge: the myth and the reality, published in the EAP Anniversary publication From Dust to Digital.

The records copied by this project have been catalogued as:

  • EAP334/1 Fallou Ngom Collection
  • EAP334/2 Serigne Ndiame Diajkhate Collection
  • EAP334/3 Amdy Moustapha Seck Collectionimg-3
  • EAP334/4 Serigne Mbaye Diakhate Siradji Collection
  • EAP334/5 Serigne Mouhammadou Masokhna Lo Collection
  • EAP334/6 Serigne Mbaye Nguirane Collection
  • EAP334/7 Mor Awa Thiobane Collection
  • EAP334/8 Mouhammadou Makhtar Mbodj Collection
  • EAP334/9 Cheikh Fall Kayre Collection
  • EAP334/10 Serigne Bassirou Kane Collection
  • EAP334/11 Cheikh Lo Collection
  • EAP334/12 Birane Gassama Collection
  • EAP334/13 Serigne Abdoulaye Sarr Collection
  • EAP334/14 Serigne Mame Mor Kayre Collection
  • EAP334/15 Baye Cherif Ndiaye Collection